A Note From The Executive Director

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This year’s Parade is dedicated to our states Arts and Entertainment, an in depth look at Nevada’s diversified Arts and Entertainment Community. When most folks think of art, paintings and photography come to mind, but that is just a small fraction of what art truly is. Dance, Music, Poetry, Books, Clothing, Theater, and Culinary Cuisine must also be included under the Arts and Entertainment vast umbrella. In 1987 Nevada Day recognized the Arts with “Nevada’s Tribute to the Arts.” Now 30 years later, we would like to look how far Nevada has come in this magnificent and wondrous field. From Petroglyphs left by our Native Americans thousands of years ago, to Arts Cars roaming around the Black Rock Desert ┬áduring our annual Burning Man Festival, it’s time to reflect on all the Art and Entertainment that make up this beautiful state of ours.

Ken Hamilton, Executive Director, Nevada Day Inc.

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