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2016-07-21 12.03.47 (640x640) (370x370)Happy Admissions Day, Nevada. Or should I say Happy Nevada Day, Nevada? Both would be correct, Admissions Day was what we called it then, and Nevada Day is what we call it now. Speaking of then and now, that is our theme this year.

After 152 years of statehood, let’s take a quick peek at what you were like as a young territory becoming our 36th state on October 31, 1864, to present day. Would just like to look at a few highlights that stick out as you were growing up that help define what kind of state you have become today.

Born on October 31, 1864, during the Civil War, statehood was rushed; it was believed, to help ensure three electoral votes for President Lincoln’s re-election. Being that there was well under 60,000 inhabitants at the time, which is the minimum to become a state – this was considered illegal by some. Ahh, nothing like starting out right from the gate with a wee bit of controversy.

With a sparse population of only around 35,000 or so folks at that time, you have since blossomed into nearly 3 million in 2016 – as we know, the majority are mostly located in the Southern part of the state.

I, myself, am very proud to be a Nevadan, and am also honored to help organize another birthday celebration for all to enjoy – both Native Nevadans and anyone that has moved to our wonderful state.

How about I just conclude by saying Happy Birthday Nevada!! Everyone please join us in this grand historical celebration!


Ken Hamilton, Executive Director, Nevada Day Inc.

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